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Fear or Conviction?

We will elect a new president in two days, I hope folks have done their homework and do not cast their vote out of fear, but rather out of conviction.


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Choose Wisely

It is certainly interesting times we live in. We better choose wisely on November 4th. Every US citizen will pay with their freedom, their tax dollars and more if people do not stop the lemming march toward the cliffs edge.

Good video’s here Never Find Out

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The following article caught my attention today. Religious Leaders Learn to Stay on IRS’ Good Side

I firmly believe that this particular benny that churches enjoy in the form of tax free status is nothing more than the governments way of silencing the voice of truth; God’s Word. We see the results today of this tax free stranglehold, when the pulpits are all but silent on the sins of mankind and preach and teach warm fuzzy messages guaranteed to offend no one, especially the government. The tax free status does not just affect political speech.

Tax “free” … check your freedom of speech at the door!

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Some More Thoughts

I have been asking the questions I have about the candidates because it seems no one else will. I am already starting to see the circling of the wagons with Sarah Palin, she has all of a sudden become “above” scrutiny because she is a “real conservative” and she may very well be; but it does not change who McCain was before she was picked.

These articles also address some of the things I have been thinking.



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If the Tables Were Turned

I have to wonder if Obama had picked Govenor Palin would the results be the same?

1. Would you vote for Obama because Palin “balanced” him?

2. Would the thinking be that her “conservative christian” views would wear off on Obama?

3. Would we be so willing to overlook her family dynamics, or would we chastise her for putting her career above family?

4. Would we be willing to “overlook” those things that might not fit our mold?

Just some things to think about.

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Double Standards?

It is sad when the left leaning loonies have more discernment than those who call themselves Christians. I have read several articles that have brought up valid points regarding what appears to be a double standard where Sarah Palin is concerned.

The question to ask is would my brethren treat issues brought up concerning the Palin’s family issues good and bad the same had they occurred in the family of someone who was not labeled as quite so conservative. I am going to take an educated guess and say, NO the treatment would be very different. There in lies one of  the problems with Palin.

It’s kind of like ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

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